The Coast Ride 2020

DATES: January 18th-20th

Welcome Back Cycling Friends!

It’s that time again…  get psyched for this year’s EPIC CYCLING ADVENTURE.

This year’s “Coast Ride” will be from January 18th-20th (Saturday, Sunday, Monday)

We are back to the original, the classic, the standard, gorgeous, full-coastal route this year, featuring a climber’s delight on Day 2 with views and climbs that will wow you.

We are excited to return to Sports Basement to start our journey down the coast.  We will start bright and early as usual – arrive at 7:00am so we can roll by 7:45.  We end in Santa Barbara for our standard 375 miles of California coastline cycling.  New friendships are born, old friendships add a few more stories to the treasure chest, and plenty of calories will be burned.

Did you know that over 75% of our riders have done it before?  Is this your 2nd time?  Third or fourth?  Maybe your fifth or your tenth?  Or your very first?   Everyone is welcome!  Just bring safe riding skills (never more than two abreast), a very small and light pack, and your positive attitude!

For you newbies – welcome!  You are in for an experience that you will remember forever.  Please read through the rest of the site thoroughly.  And make sure your fitness level is ready for the coast!

As we enter the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, remember to build your foundation of distance, stay healthy, and get psyched!

Lastly, a few reminders and requests to help keep the organization side of the ride under control - - Please: 
1) Register,  2) Sign the Waiver,  3) Pay.   
We use the funds well before the ride takes place for things like renting the SAG vans, getting insurance in place, and other logistics.   You can go to the Discussions area (forums) to arrange a carpool ride home, find a roommate, or ask questions about anything!

Let’s Do This!

** Stay tuned for updates and more info here for 2020. **

- Scotty