The Coast Ride 2016


Coast Ride Final Update (January 14th)

Hi All~

We are less than 2 days away until The Ride departs.  The forecast is looking like we might get some rain at times throughout the day but crossing fingers for some dry moments too:)   Make sure to pack a good rain jacket and consider some hand warmers to put inside your gloves.   The good folks at Achieve PTC will have an awesome giveaway at registration on Friday night/Saturday morning, that you will definitely want when you ride in the rain….It will save your feet!  Supplies limited, so encouraging you to come down on Friday.

If you are on Strava, make sure to join the “Coast Ride Club” where we can all connect with one another and post photos to the ride. Link:

For our third year now, Sports Basement in the Presidio has graciously offered to send us off in style, providing bagels and coffee.  Plan to arrive between 7:00-7:30! This year, with so many riders, we will have a Freshman Roll, JV Roll and a Varsity Roll to help spread out the riders on the road to keep it safe!    

We are a very large group this year!  Even with the rain in the forecast, it looks like we will have close to 300 riders joining to participate in this “informal” ride from San Francisco. We will be doing a "rolling Start" in which you find your friend group and roll out together.  We need to spread out to keep this safe!

Waivers: USA Cycling (our insurance provider) requires that EVERY participant must sign a hard copy of the waiver.  Please do this on Friday night (preferably), or Saturday morning at the latest.  You can’t ride without it.

Friday Night Bag Drop Off From 5-7PM!  If you want to get any last minute shopping done at Sports Basement, they are offering us 20% off everything in store. You can bring your bag down and lock it up overnight in the front office and retrieve it first thing Saturday morning.   This is great for those who don’t want to pedal in the morning with a backpack.   Even if you don’t drop off bag, I would be psyched if you came down to sign a USA Cycling Waiver and grab your water bottle to avoid a Saturday morning backlog.    

On Saturday morning, everyone must check-in and sign a waiver.  (Provided you didn’t check in the night before)   The Ride continues to grow and we want to make sure nobody is held responsible in case any mis-happenings that may occur.  Please make sure to pay online which covers SAG, Maps, Nutrition and a Cool Water Bottle that Ed Dorsey designed!  Restrooms are available inside Sports Basement on Saturday. (Along with 20% off any last minute items you forgot to pack)

Numbers to put in your phone.  Please call only with a major mechanical.   Flat changes should not require a phone call to the SAG.  

Keven Bricknell      (573) 268-7890

Jon Stevens            (510) 504-6407

Greg Rodrigues      (415) 999-4812

Steve McArdle         (415) 999-6855

Scott Witthoff         (415) 640-0642

Please ride single file when the road shoulder is too narrow for a double pace line.  (Please DO NOT ride 3 abreast)  Let's all be safe, not get tickets from the CHP, not anger passing drivers and ride smart!   We will have to be particularly careful climbing Devils Slide in Half Moon Bay and several other narrow sections of roads.  Please ride single file here. You can choose if you want to take the new Devils Slide Bikeway (which is absolutely beautiful) or you can ride through the nice tunnel…you choose! With a ride of this size, it is very important that we spread out on the road.  There will be many different groups, plenty of solo time and different ride dynamics along the way.  This ride is a great opportunity to make some new friends and appreciate how lucky we are to be able to ride our bikes down the beautiful California Coast!

Consider stopping in Half Moon Bay to fill up bottles, as it is a long way to Davenport with no stops in between.   When entering Davenport, Please be very cautious with railroad tracks entering Davenport, we have had a few bad accidents on these tracks in years past. Make sure to stop for Lunch at Whale City Bakery in Davenport, courtesy of the Coast Ride! Roll in and enjoy a bowl of hot Chili (Turkey and veggie) and homemade corn bread - a good antidote to the rainy forecast. Grab a banana and some peanut butter too. If you prefer to buy your own, there are many other choices nearby.

Pizza at the end of Day 1 is being sponsored by LaunchCapital. Roll into the parking lot of the Comfort Inn in Monterey by the Sea (1252 Munras Ave) and you’ll be greeted with fresh slices! LaunchCapital is a seed-stage VC where Jonathan Shambroom works, and several folks doing the ride have already pitched Jonathan their startup ideas. LaunchCapital has invested in over 150 startups in technology, healthcare, and consumer packaged goods. Talk to Jonathan about anything startup and fundraising related.

First aid kit: There will be a first aid kit that is provided for the Ride's use. This will be kept in the van. Please do not help yourself. If you need something from the first aid kit, please ask the drivers of the SAG to help you find it.  

Bike tools: A few participants are providing bike tools in case there are mechanicals pre- and post-riding each day. These tools will be kept in the van as well. Again, please do not help yourself to the tools. Please ask SAG drivers or myself as we don't want the tools to get lost/unaccounted for after use and wouldn't want to have to replace anyone's bike tools post-Ride.

Breakfast and Gear drop - off each morning: Breakfast is at 6am on Sunday at Best Western and Comfort Inn, (still working on Days Inn to get with the 6am program) and with large groups of cyclists, you don’t want to be late. Please be prepared to put your gear bag in the van no later than 7:15am on Days 2 and 3. The group will depart the hotel between 7:00 - 7:30 each morning so you don't want to be late! (Find your riding buddies and roll out) There will be a floor pump available but don’t wait until 7am to remember to put air in your tires. Your gear will be waiting at hotel each day.  The first group(s) in can help unload the van and set bags by van.

Van Ride Home, if you have space, or are looking to share, please post on the Facebook page or the forum of the Coast Ride Website as there are several looking for a ride home.

Please do not leave your bike unattended when stopping in convenient stores, restaurants, coffee shops etc.  We had a bike stolen a few years back in Santa Cruz, which was no fun.  Always assign ONE person to watch bikes while you go inside.

Sponsor Appreciation.   We have more sponsors than ever this year who have donated products that make The Ride even better.  Please show them some love by giving them shoutouts on Twitter, FB, Instagram, posting pics, and include their company names (and hashtags if provided). And give them your straight up feedback - they all want to hear how you like (or don’t like) their products.   Best would be to post  pics from our gorgeous coastline of people enjoying their products, or simply out having a great time on the bike.

Big thanks to repeat sponsors and new sponsors alike.  We’ve got loads of chamois butter from betwixt, don’t miss out.  And, well, heck, the list is long – here’s all of our sponsors:

18 Rabbits bars - @18Rabbits

Achieve Performance Training & Coaching - @achieveptc

Betwixt Chamois Butter - @zealiosskincare

GU gels  - @GUEnergyLabs    @gucrew

Huckleberry Bicycles - @huckbikes

InGamba Tours - @ingambatours

Justins Butter - @justins

Muscle Milk - @MuscleMilk

Nature’s Bakery Fig bars - @naturesbakery

Osmo Nutrition - @osmonutritionsa

Picky Bars - @PickyBars

Rip Van Wafels - @RipvanWafels

Sports Basement - @SportsBasement

Strava - @Strava

Untapped Syrup - @untappedmaple


And…. For The Coast Ride – Instagram - #thecoastride


Thank you Coaches - Dana Williams, Ryan Moore, Scott Cox and Sofia Marin - for your continued support of the Coast Ride. Achieve Performance Training & Coaching are offering us a great deal to get fitter and faster on your bike. All participants in this year's Coast Ride will receive $150 off their first month of cycle coaching, plus a little goodie at registration on Friday and Saturday that you will definitely want when you ride in the rain. It will save your feet!

Remember - We are a bunch of friends riding down the Coast.  You choose to ride the CoastRide at your own risk.  Many people help organize this ride. Please do not blame anyone on the Ride for any mis-happenings that may occur to you, please don’t get mad when people don't wait for you, etc. This is a volunteer-organized effort. We hope that you enjoy this Ride as much as everyone in the in previous years. In the spirit of The Ride, please be pleasant and peaceful to all.  

Thanks everyone!


Update #1 on January 6th, 2016

Coast Riders…

We are proud to announce that Sports Basement in the Presidio will be hosting registration for the Coast Ride.  Sports Basement is offering 20% off all items in store on Friday night and Saturday morning for those who need any last minute items.  Registration this year will be from 5-7PM on Friday night (highly encouraged) at Sports Basement where you can drop off your bag if you choose. On Saturday morning, registration is from 7-7:45!  

To do this ride, you must sign a waiver at Sports Basement on either Friday night or Saturday morning.   USA Cycling requires all participants to sign a waiver to cover every rider on the road.   Once you sign waiver, you will receive a bracelet that you must wear on the ride!   The silicone wristband is to identify those who have registered. Please wear your wristband and keep it visible. If you see someone without a wristband, politely ask them to leave the group. This is an insurance issue; I want to be certain everyone is covered.

Saturday Morning there will be bagels, coffee, bananas and any last second shopping with 20% all purchases.  

The Vans will be rolling out at 8:00AM each day, so do not be late dropping off your bag!   This year, we are trying to get ALL the bags into the U-Haul.   Please help the SAG driver by loading your own bag into the U-Haul.   Make sure to bring some $$$ for yourself and for neutral support.  The SAG drivers have all graciously volunteered their time to make the ride as safe and fun as possible.  

Day one, plan to roll between 7:30-8:00!  With a group this size, no mass start like previous years. 

Day two, plan to be on the road between 7:00-7:45! 

Day three we will roll promptly at 7:15 as a Large Group!   Don't be late!

If you choose to leave later than 8 on any of these days, please arrange alternative SAG support!   Please be considerate of the SAG drivers as they want to be on the road supporting the riders as soon as possible.  

Day 1, your personal bags and pizza will be waiting for you at the Comfort Inn Hotel at 1252 Munras Ave in Monterey! Please keep your bag size modest.   Leave your Mt. Everest Expedition Pack at Home Please:)

Day 2, your personal bags will be at the Days Inn Morro Bay!  

Day 3, bags will be at the Lemon Tree in Santa Barbara!

Getting psyched for 3 great days on the saddle with friends and looking forward to making many new friends on the ride as well.

I will send out more updates in the coming days.

Ride On,


Welcome Back Cycling Friends!

It’s that time again…  get psyched for this year’s EPIC CYCLING ADVENTURE.

This year’s “Coast Ride” will be from January 16th – 18th (Sat, Sun, and Mon).

We are excited to return to Sports Basement to start our journey down the coast.  We will start bright and early as usual – arrive at 7:00am so we can roll by 7:45.  We end in Santa Barbara for our standard 375 miles of gorgeous coastline cycling.   New friendships are born, old friendships add a few more stories to the treasure chest, and plenty of calories will be burned.

Did you know that over 70% of our riders have done it before?  Is this your 2nd time?  Third or fourth?  Maybe your fifth or your tenth?  Or your very first?   Everyone is welcome!  Just bring safe riding skills (never more than two abreast), a very small and light pack, and your positive attitude!

For you newbies – welcome!  You are in for an experience that you will remember forever.  Please read through the rest of the site thoroughly.

This year we are excited to return to Monterey for our first nights stay!   The Route is unchanged, but on our first night we’ll stay in Monterey not Seaside – shifting a mere two miles from day two to day one. 

As we enter the holiday season, starting with Thanksgiving, remember to build your foundation of distance, stay healthy, and get psyched!

Lastly, a few reminders and requests to help keep the organization side of the ride under control - - Please:  1) Register,  2) Sign the Waiver,  3) Pay.    We use the funds well before the ride takes place for things like renting the SAG vans, getting insurance in place, and other logistics.   You can go to the Discussions area (forums) to arrange a carpool ride home, find a roommate, or ask questions about anything!

Let’s Do This!

- Scotty