Coast Ride Packing List


Bike Tune Up (drive train, shifting, brakes, lube), New Tires, Tighten cleats on shoes 

Packing List

Beloved Bicycle, Water bottles
Light, minimally-packed Backpack
4 extra tubes, patch kit, 1 extra tire, Pump / CO2
Basic tools: allen keys & tire irons
Di2/SRAM/Campagnolo Battery Charger
Cycling shoes
Bike jerseys (2)
Bike shorts (2)
Arm warmers (heavy)
Knee or Leg warmers
Booties and/or over-socks
Gloves:  Full finger & reg. & over-mitts
Cycling cap / visor
Warm hat for post ride
Base layer top(s)
Rain Jacket
Wind Vest
Wallet Pouch:  Dr Lic, CC, ATM, Insurance card, Cash
Nutrition  (bars, gels, etc.)
Hand warmer packets
Chamois butter
Advil / salt tabs / vitamins / whatever you take!


Apres Bike stuff….

Down Jacket / Vest / fleece / sweater
Bathing suit (hello, hot tubs!)
Shorts / pants
Running shoes / Flip Flops
Sleeping outfit / PJs / Bday suit
Toiletries & personal items, (Ear Plugs!)
Phone & charger
Camera (unless your phone does the trick now!)



Fenders  (rear fender is the important one)
Lights for front and rear of bike if you plan to ride before 7am roll


One set of these for larger group

Chain Lube & small towel
First aid kit – w Road Rash stuff, nail clipper
Swiss Army Knife
Small roll of duct / electric  tape / Zip ties
1 brake cable and 1 shifting cable
Chain Tool, spokes, spoke wrench
Floor pump
Extra Chain